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Hi Everyone! Welcome to Baby Loves Pink!

My name is Connie and I'm the founder and designer behind Baby Loves Pink.

Here in Baby Loves Pink, you will find unique handmade jewelries created from our studio in the beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I love colors, especially pink as you may already know from my shop name. I've been making things from as long as I can remember and I'm constantly inspired by cute and colorful things. Most of our unique designs are made with polymer clay, resin, silver/gold/brass/copper and other materials. We strive to keep our designs safe, durable, and affordable for everyone!

We feature items handmade from scratch to unique items that are commercially made or hand-assembled.  You may noticed that our handmade items are more expensive than the hand-assembled or commercially made items since they do require a much longer time to complete.


How are items handmade?

The most common handmade items you will find here will be made from polymer clay and resin.  Polymer clay is a kind of plastic clay that hardens when baked in a specific temperature.  Simply put, it is plastic in clay form.  This hardened clay charm will then be sealed in resin, which is a liquid form of plastic.  You may also find items that are made 100% with hand casted resin, which means that I mixed and poured this liquid plastic into my own molds.  I love putting interesting items in them since clear resin will keep any item safely sealed and preserved inside :)

How are commercial or hand-assembled items used?

I'm always looking or interesting charms and chains for my designs.  From time to time, I buy ready-made materials and alter them to incorporate into my designs.  These materials range from plastic, silver, gold, brass, or copper charms.  These items may not always be made to be used as accessories but I will drill holes in them with a nail and hammer or my dremel tool.  Needless to say, I'm always looking for new materials to use wherever I go!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions :)

♥ Connie

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